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Sending a fax through the eFax Web Portal User Interface

Sending a fax through the Web Portal

1. Login to your portal at

2. Select the Send option from either your dashboard or the from the tabs listed



3. Recipient Info

  • Fill in the pertinent information; this will translate directly on to the cover page


  • Fax Number (required): The fax number your are sending to
  •  Deliver To: The name of the person you are faxing
  •  Sent From: This will default to your user name, but you can update it here
  •  Fax Subject: Subject of the fax
  •  Notes: This will show in the body of the cover page
  •  Cover Page: This will allow you to select whether or not your fax is sent with a cover page or chose between available cover pages
  •  Schedule: This will allow you to send immediately or delay sending to a future date
  •  Tracking Key and Charge Code: are open fields that are searchable for future use (client codes, billing, etc.)


  • Once it is completed to your satisfaction select the NEXT button in the top right

2: Attachments

  • If you’re faxing an attachment select BROWSE to find your document


  • You can select up to 10 attachments per fax
  • Once you have the documents attached select NEXT in the top right

3: Preview Fax

  •  From the Page Preview page you will see how many documents you’ve attached and the layout of the cover sheet
  •      Please note that no information will show in the example

Select NEXT in the top right


4: Send Fax


  • From this page you can add a Type, Folder or add notes that are searchable in the future when looking for this fax again.
  • You can also include up to 5 other recipients of the fax via email or fax delivery.
  • Once you’ve made your selection (or left this blank) hit SEND in the top right

5. Confirmation


  • This page gives you a little information about the sent fax
  • Message #
  • How many attachments were included
  • The primary recipient
  • And the fax number you are sending to
  • You can also choose to Send a new fax or Send this same fax to someone else

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