Setting Up SMS (Text) Notifications

Setting Up SMS (Text) Notifications - Users

1. Login to your account at

2. Once logged in go to your Settings tab

3. On the Profile page find “Primary SMS”


4. Type in the phone number you wish to receive SMS notifications to, followed by the appropriate provider suffix found below

  • For example:

5. Use this chart to determine your provider suffix

  • AT&T =
  • Boost Mobile =
  • Sprint =
  • T-Mobile =
  • Verizon =

6. Once your Primary SMS is set you will need to set up notification preferences

7. Notify on Send will set the behavior for when you send a fax

8. Notify on Receive will set the behavior for what happens when you receive a fax

9. Once these are both set hit SAVE in the top right corner

10. Send yourself a test fax to ensure the notification is working properly


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