Setup eFax Client with Print Support

Setup eFax Client with Print Support

1. Download the Fax Client setup utility from this article below

2. Run the setup program in the downloaded zip archive:  FaxClientSetup.exe

3. After completion there will be a shortcut on your desktop called "FaxClient"

4. There will be a printer installed in your system called "FaxClient".  This printer can be used from any document like Microsoft Word.

5. Example:  Open a text document from standard utility like Notepad.  Type some text into the screen and print the output to the "FaxClient" printer.  This will trigger the FaxClient Utility to launch to finish up the information needed for the fax.  Things like the fax number and options to add additional documents.  On the first launch you will be prompted for the "Service Provider".  This should be the same name you use to log into the FaxAgent Web Portal through a browser like Chrome. Then click through the screens to submit the fax.


6. In addition to faxing documents, the FaxClient can be used like a stand alone utility to check settings, search for faxes, download archived faxes other operations.


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