Sangoma Voicemail Quick User Guide

Option 1 - To check your voicemail from outside the office:

  1. Call your DID
  2. When your voicemail greeting answers press *
  3. Enter your password

Option 2 - To check voicemail from your phone:

  1. Dial *15
  2. See below PDF for walkthrough of options

Option 3 - To check voicemail from a different phone in the office:

  1. Dial *98 from any phone
  2. Enter your extenstion number
  3. Enter your password

Option 4 - To check voicemail using visual voicemail:

  1. Press the voicemail button
  2. Enter password if prompted
  3. Use the up/down button to scroll through voicemail and select the one you want to listen to. Follow on screen prompts for other actions such as deleting, saving or forwarding the message.

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